About Data Usage in "PrediX"

On this page, we will explain handling of "Informative data" (*1) in "PrediX",
the data selling network operated by Cybercommunications Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").
Our company will comply with applicable laws and regulations, and endeavor to properly manage and protect informative data.
This page constitutes a part of our company's privacy policy and supplements that.

*1 "Informative data" is the log information used of the Internet that cannot identify individuals, such as information about gender and hobby,
information written in cookie, IP address information, and browsing and purchase history.
For specific informative data handled in PrediX, please refer to "2. Types of Informative data to be acquired".

1. How to obtain informative data

PrediX acquires informative data from web sites and applications as well as other medias managed by PrediX participating companies
such as publishers. It may also the case that we receive informative data directly from partner companies.
We will not acquire information that can identify specific individuals.

2. Types of informative data to be acquired

Informative data acquired with PrediX is as follows.

  • Browsing history of web pages (time of browsing and URL of web page)
    "URL" means the address of a web page, which is the character strings displayed in the address bar of web browser.

  • In-page information (meta information, referrer information)
    "Meta information" is a collection of various information (page description, type and etc.) related to the web page you are browsing.
    "Referrer information" means the URL of the web page that was being viewed just before the web page currently being viewed.

  • Cookie information
    "Cookie" means a mechanism of temporarily writing and saving data to a user's computer through web browser.
    In the cookie, information is written such as a unique ID for distinguishing individual users,
    and this information is called "cookie information".

  • IP address information
    It is an identification number allocated to a computer connected to network such as Internet or intranet.
    This identification number allows to determine the area the user is using computer.

  • Attribution information
    It is information such as gender, age, and etc.

  • User agent information
    It refers to information such as type and version of web browser, and type and version of OS that user is using.

  • Advertisement identification ID of smartphone
    It is an ID for advertisement delivery identification that is anonymous and refreshable by smartphone.

3. Purpose of using informative data

PrediX uses acquired informative data for the following purposes. Also, if you are using multiple devices,
it we may also be the case identifying users across the devices.

  • Classifying users according to the specific conditions such as interest, age group and etc.
    Information of this classification is called "segment", and it is used for delivery of targeting advertisement,
    creation of advertisement delivery report, user analysis of website, and development of advertisement product and etc.
    ※ Segment does not identify specific individuals.
  • It will be used for delivery of targeting advertisement in "BEYOND X" advertising platform, which is operated by our company.
    For the further information about "BEYOND X", please check from the link below.

    [About BEYOND X PMP]

  • It will be provided to our partner companies. Informative data provided by our company is used for delivery of
    targeting advertisements and etc. To see the further information about specific usage of the partner companies,
    please refer to the service site of partner companies from the URLs in "6. Opt-out III".

4. Providing informative data to partner companies

Our company will provide informative data to partner companies that comply with applicable laws, regulations,
and standards established by our company. We do not allow affiliated companies to identify specific individuals by using
the informative data provided by us without user's consent.
If you do not wish to offer to partner companies, please do the procedure of "6. Opt-out I".

5. Retention period of acquired informative data

The informative data acquired with PrediX is stored for up to two years from the time the user last viewed the PrediX
participating company’s website.

6. Opt-out

* Please Note *
If you change your web browser, if you delete cookies, or if you use another computer different from the one you opted out,
you will need to process opt-out again.

  • IV: With certain operation on smartphone, you can reset advertisement identification ID of the smartphone.
    This will make disable to use information related to the advertisement ID that our company owns before resetting.
    In addition, by changing the setting, you can prevent acquiring advertisement ID from the device.
    For more details of resetting advertisement identification ID, please refer following URLs.

    - Google

    - Apple

7. Our privacy policy

Please check from the link below.

[Privacy Policy]

8. Contact Us

For questions and consultations regarding PrediX, please contact from [Inquiry form] below.
Contact: Cybercommunications Inc. PrediX

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